All of us critics

A good writer is a good reader, is a good thinker, is a good inventor – is a good critic.

I’ve been writing for ten years. Although, how much of that I can consider productive and useful writing is summed up by a very short amount of time.

What changed?

I have gone from being just a child with ideas about stories that I couldn’t help share with everyone to being an adult who is better read and more willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Part of mytransfo

by AudreyBenjaminsen at DeviantArt

rmation as a writer is credited to my experience in workshops for the first time. I never knew that there was such a large, interconnected community of people all working towards similar goals as mine. Reaching out to this community has set me ahead leaps and bounds, and I feel now, more than ever, that I am ready for a career as a writer.

In these workshops, I learned, writing isn’t about what you want. It’s about what everyone else wants from you. There’s a consensus about what makes a good story, and what will gain audiences, among writers.

We are all critics, whether we know it or not. Listen to your fellow writers. Listen to your readers.

Most importantly, become critical of what you read and write. Your ability to pick out what is and isn’t working in a story will prepare you for your ascent into the world of literature.


Published by

Alexandra Stanislaw

Alexandra Stanislaw is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of Devise Literary. She is also an Assistant Editor for Hotel Amerika. Her work appears in Crab Fat Magazine ("The Good Friend" and "Tampa Raised You Up"), Ragazine, and Chicago Review of Books.

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