Charge of the Trumpets

Issue 2.1

by Bob Thimmesh

(For Wm. Tell)

Morning’s muted
strings salute the sun as woodwinds
churn seas
with the fury
of the forsaken; chords
pirouette through
the maelstrom
until the quiet
of anticipation has absorbed a swirl

by the trumpets
of impending heroism—-
a program

that evokes
emotions washed by the day of the ordinary.

Insults and injustice

have landscaped an imagination
that waits for liberation, as the masked

vagabond answers

the throbbing call
of trumpets theatrical—-

brave notes
beyond my pale

that burrow deep
in the nerve-holes of my memory;

trumpets flush
the infectious
notes from their
holed repose,

to once again fever my imagination

to thrill the ideal
to follow the just.

My nerves, satiated
with life’s inevitability,
now revive
on a whiff of hope—-

to cheer

the masked man’s pursuit
of honor and the just,

to listen

for the trumpet of righteousness.

Bob Thimmesh is a retired businessman who enjoys spending most of his time writing poetry and fiction. He is currently working on his memoir and lives in central Minnesota.

Published by

Alexandra Stanislaw

Alexandra Stanislaw is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of Devise Literary. She is also an Assistant Editor for Hotel Amerika. Her work appears in Crab Fat Magazine ("The Good Friend" and "Tampa Raised You Up"), Ragazine, and Chicago Review of Books.

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