and will remain closed until we have caught up with existing submissions. If you are awaiting a response for your submission, and submitted previous to August 5th, 2017, please give us until September 30th to reply. We apologize for any inconvenience or delay.

Update (August 5th, 2017): Due to editorial constraints and a high volume of submissions, please be patient in receiving a response for your submission. We are doing our best to give every submission the attention it deserves.

Devise Literary accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

We are seeking submissions that feature diverse and minority voices for fiction, nonfiction, poetry and artwork/photography. See our guidelines for each category below.

All submissions should be sent to Title your email as the category followed by the title.

The body of your email should contain a brief cover letter stating any relevant biographical information.

All submissions should be attached to the initial email. Text submissions should appear as .doc, .docx, or .PDF format. Artwork must appear as a .jpeg, .png, .tif.

See our Terms and Conditions.


Submissions should not exceed 7,500 words. There is no minimum. Traditional Manuscript Format required.

Devise has no current limitations on genre or style. All quality submissions are welcome.

However, here are the types of submissions we aren’t interested in:

  1. Stories about writers.
  2. Stories about college students.
  3. Stories that are too meta.

Creative Nonfiction

This section does not include pitches for blog posts or articles. Creative nonfiction submissions should not exceed 7,500 words.


Please do not submit more than five poems at a time. Separate files and combined files are both welcome.

Poems were don’t usually like:

  1. Nature poems!
  2. Prose poems that are actually flash fiction.


Art can take on any form, but must appear as an image for the site and any future publications. We do not accept unjustifiably violent or pornographic art.

We very much want:

  1. Retro-style artwork.
  2. Urban artwork.
  3. Artwork that can be used around the site and in issues.

Our turn around time should take no longer than three months. Please only contact us after your submission has no response for this period of time.

Devise Literary accepts simultaneous submissions. Please inform us if your submission is accepted elsewhere.